Club Ferroviaire du Pays de l'Alzou CFPA-LANUEJOULS
               La Féérie du Rail (HO)                    

The "mobile" layout of the museum
Mr. BOURLOIS realized from 1970 to 1975 the network "La Féérie du Rail" version 3. After its disappearance, this network remained 23 years without activity. The meeting of the widow of Mr. Bourlois with the CFPA resulted in a donation of the network subject to revive. 
  • La remorque fermée

    La remorque fermée

  • Le réseau de la féérie

    Le réseau de la féérie

The analog mode layout is controlled by electronic cards and the RailWay software.     

The funfair
The Biarritz Midi station
Basque pelota pediment
The Hendaye turntable 
The little train of the RHUNE