Club Ferroviaire du Pays de l'Alzou CFPA-LANUEJOULS
                  Other scales layouts            

Six layout scale LGB (1/22,5), O, HOe, HOm et N

Layout to the standard LGB (Lehmann Gross Bahn)scale IIm 1/22,5
This scale HOm layout evokes the private line of iron ore mining from Mondalazac near Marcillac to Firmi's grill ovens..

Layout  scale HOm recalling the Compagnie des tramways de la Corrèze.

Scale O layout in three rails, with evocation of the Rodez station and passage of the Tour de France..

Magnificent scale N layout that evokes the village of Collobrières  and its region in the Var. 

Scale HOe layout reminiscent of the mining past of Decazeville